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What is Community Prosecution?

Community Prosecution is a grass-roots approach to justice, involving a partnership between citizens, law enforcement and other government agencies in problem-solving efforts to address the safety and quality of life concerns of the City of Lynchburg.  Community Prosecution emphasizes a mix between pro-active, non-traditional approaches towards preventing crime such as Community Courts and Nuisance Abatement Programs with a variety of traditional prosecutorial tactics.

How does it work?

A neighborhood Assistant Commonwealth Attorney (Neighborhood ACA) is assigned the responsibility of attending community meetings, problem solving with community members, law enforcement and other government entities to address safety concerns and community problems that often lead to crime. The Neighborhood ACA is also responsible for the coordination of the Community Court, Nuisance Abatement Program, and the Confidential Reliable Citizens Program.

How can you help?

If at anytime you feel we can help your neighborhood solve a problem that might lead to crime, please call our Neighborhood ACA at 455-3769 or 841-0116. The Neighborhood ACA will then meet with you to discuss how we can work together to find possible solutions.