A victim of crime is entitled to request reimbursement from the guilty party for expenses directly related to the crime.

Under  §19.2-368.15 of the Virginia Code, restitution is an order of the court by which offenders are held accountable for the financial losses they caused to the victim(s) of their crime(s).                In cases where the victim has suffered a financial loss the Court may order the defendant to pay restitution. Victims are encouraged to itemize and document all losses and to notify the Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney's Restitution Program by calling (434) 455-3783.

The Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney's Office continually strives to provide the highest level of service and to assist crime victims as they are brought into and participate in the criminal justice process. Below are frequently asked questions pertaining to restitution.

Questions and Answers Regarding Restitution

Q:  How Do I Know If I am Eligible to Request or Receive Restitution?

A:  If you have suffered financial losses as a result of a crime you may request the criminal court to order the offender to pay restitution.  In most instances you will receive a letter and a Request For Restitution Form from the Lynchburg Victim Witness Program.  The prosecutor for the Commonwealth may ask you during a face-to-face or telephone interview if you suffered a financial loss and will inquire as to the nature and extent of the loss or losses.

You can complete a (Request for Restitution Form) and mail  it to the address provided below. You must include copies of receipts, estimates of damage and repair, medicals bills, and/or appraisals. Mail the completed form and related attachments to:          

Attn:   Restitution Program                                Lynchburg Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney P.O. Box 1539                                        Lynchburg, VA  24505

You may also contact Tanya Carwile, Collections Specialist within the Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney's Office at (434) 455-3783 or tcarwile @ocalynchburg.com.

 Q:  When and How Will I Receive Restitution?

 A:  If restitution is ordered the judge will specify the amount and date payment is due. However,  payments will most likely not begin before the guilty party is released from incarceration.  Once the defendant is released the Collections Specialist with the Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney's Restitution Program will work to ensure compliance and offender accountability in these matters. However, if the defendant is non-compliant the Court is responsible for imposing additional sanctions.